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I was in prison and you visited me. Mt. 25:36


Adeodatus (Ah-day-oh-dat-us), meaning "Gift of God" and the name of  St. Augustine’s son, who died as a teenager, is an outreach program from ADROP and St. Augustine’s Parish in Philadelphia to minister to those in prison and to their families. Founded in 2007, it is a volunteer group of laity and ex-inmates committed to this ministry in the name of Christ


As well as inside-the-jail ministry, we provide:






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Praying the Augustinian Way    


 “Together To God”, a pamphlet written by Fr. Paul Morrissey, OSA, and published by Liguori publications, grounds our spiritual journey in our “togetherness” as St. Augustine showed us in his Confessions. It offers Augustinian men and women a simple and practical articulation of who we are as followers of St. Augustine--how we are different than the diocesan priesthood, and how we can also be distinguished from other religious orders. Laypeople who join us in this love of Augustine can be equally helped by this easy-to-read booklet.




by Fr. Paul F. Morrissey, OSA

Available from Liguori Publications for $1.50 each plus postage



What you see on the cover of this booklet is an image of two people sharing a prayer experience-with the Word of God between them. It is Augustine and his friend, Alypius. It can portray as well an image of our own spiritual journey, not simply alone but with others. This includes in a special way the poor and oppressed, who often surprisingly convert us as we converse about the Gospel with them. As St. Augustine knew so well, we are not above those we serve, but side by side.



Where I’m frightened

by what I am for you,

I am given comfort

by what I am with you.

For you I am a bishop;

with you after all, I am a Christian.

The first is the name of an office undertaken,

the second a name of a grace;

That one means danger, this one salvation.

 Sermon 340  --St. Augustine





A Healing Garden by the Bridge


In the face of so much violence, Philadelphia needs a space for reflection and prayer for peace and reconciliation, especially for the family members of those who are offenders or victims of crime. To foster this, a “Healing Garden” is being established in the existing garden/cemetery alongside the church (on the Ben Franklin Bridge side) at Old St. Augustine Church at 4th and Vine Streets, Philadelphia PA. ADROP’s Restorative Justice program, coordinated by Fr. Paul Morrissey, is overseeing this exciting endeavor. Phase I will be completed in the Spring of 2015, and a Dedication event will take place on Sunday, May 17th. Stay tuned for more details.


Our plan us to link the intolerance that fomented the burning of Old St. Augustine’s in the riots of 1844 with the intolerance that fosters similar violence in the city today. A video presentation of this history will be shown in the church vestibule adjacent to the cemetery, including the relationship of the parish with Villanova University. St. Augustine’s Boys’ Academy was established at the parish in 1811.  In 1842, this academy was moved to a place far from the growing tensions in Philadelphia. Eventually, this became Villanova University.


In the near future, The Healing Garden by the Bridge will become noticeable to the passengers of thousands of cars and trains that pass the church every day. It will put St. Augustine Church on the map, link it with our history and our great Augustinian university, and offer a unifying mission, including the reach-out to immigrants, anyone suffering from violence, and the marginalized that Pope Francis tells us is the mark of true followers of Jesus Christ. This garden is open to all people, no matter what their faith tradition, to foster healing in the city and all hearts.


For information, including any requests to dedicate a memorial paver brick, contact Mr. George Munyan at 215-925-3566.











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