ADROP is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Your financial support will ensure the future of our current programs and enable us to expand our reach to those in need throughout the community.


Donate Now!
Your support of ADROP has an immediate impact on the lives of others and provides tangible results in the community. To make an online donation using our secure server, click Donate Online below.  United Way Donor Choice Code # 29721.

Donate Online


You may also mail in your contribution. Please make checks payable to ADROP and send to:

Executive Director
2130 S. 21st Street, 2nd Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19145

Here are a few ways you can help us:
$10 will pay for one hour of interpreting for our health clinic
$10 will allow you to support our staff during an hour of our tutoring/mentoring program
$20 will allow us to pay our phlebotomist to draw blood for our patients for one hour
$25 for 100 resource guides for people seeking help and job opportunities
$30 will allow us to purchase materials to make rosaries for distribution in our local prisons
$40 to help with emergency situations for vulnerable families
$50 will allow you to support one student for a six week Musicopia program
$83 will allow you to purchase a transit pass for an ex-inmate travel around the city for job interviews
$100 will pay for ten hours of interpreting for our health clinic
$100 will help us publish our newsletter Voices from Prison and the Edge
$100 will allow us to get a program for our Distance Learning (i.e. Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia Museum of Art, NASA, etc…)
$200 will allow us to purchase 5 new cuffs for our blood pressure machines
$200 to help support court costs that coincide with pro-bono attorney work
$300 will allow us to add an additional level to one of our computers (ESL Rosetta Stone)
$1,000 will allow us to purchase 10 doses of TWINRIX, the Adult Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B Vaccine


Please make note of where you would like you contribution to be designated in the memo section.

Business Contributions & Partnerships

In collaboration with ADROP, there are many ways that businesses can get involved, including supporting programs for youth, art and music initiatives, and more. Businesses can sponsor volunteer partnerships between their employees and ADROP, be it with our sponsored programs or through volunteer commitments to support ADROP’s day-to-day office needs. Businesses can also assist ADROP by providing space for various programs.


Non-monetary Donation opportunities:


Ways to offer your time and talents:


Gifts in Kind
ADROP programs benefit from the contribution of material goods that can be put to use:


Gifts of stock, foundational grants, and other long-range gifts are welcome and help ADROP with ongoing support of its programs and operational expenses.






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